The Kayfun atomizer 3.1 boasts a sleek silica design that makes it extremely easy to rebuild. One of the greatest things about this rebuildable is that flavor of the juices are noticeably enhanced while vaping. This is made possible due to the silica and wire which is kept inside the cone design that allows all the flavor to get concentrated and sent straight to you.

During the vape sesh with the Kayfun 3.1 we noticed that there was never once where we encountered that “gurgling” sensation which is usually caused by excess liquids coming through the chamber. You literally have to do it on purpose to make it happen. This also makes it a great piece for those of you just getting into vaping as “gurgling” due to flooding of the chamber is a pain.


There is completely no leaking from this tank and this is primarily due to the design, however the only problem is that you need a see through tank if you want to be on top of the fluid level. Setting up the coil and wick was extremely easy which again goes to show how such a simple rebuildable can still produce ridiculous amounts of vapor. The throat hit was good and is largely dependent on the juice, however if you are doing above 18mg it would be best to drop your nicotine levels. The reason being is that too much nicotine may be induced via this rebuildable and it you don’t want to pass out from nicotine overload. Additionally this comes with adjustable air draw which is one of the greatest features of the rebuild-able.

There are very few disadvantages except for the fact you need a clear tank to monitor fluid levels and taking too much nicotine in.For best results make sure to set up for the base and not the middle.

Overall this was a great rebuildable and we will definitely have more reviews from the Kayfun family to come!