A few months back the FDA released a statement saying that e-cigarette liquid contains glycol, and that ecigs themselves contain hazardous antifreeze agents. Should you really be worried about this, not really.


From the start in 2009, the American Food and Drug Administration ran a test on 18 e liquid cartridges from a few ecig companies, and immediately they came to the conclusion that they contained diethylene glycol. This chemical is used in industrial antifreeze which in theory is toxic to people. Unfortunately what they did not mention is that the levels of actual di-ethylene glycol found in these cartridges was almost non -existent, barely reaching 1%. This is not even close to the actual danger levels of antifreeze. Again di-ethylene is not even a e-liquid ingredient, and was only found in 1 of the 18 samples. After various other tests carried out by the same team it was obvious that there was no traces of this toxic ingredient. Some say only that cartridge was actually contaminated. Rest assured, most if not all e-liquid vendors are not selling any e-liquids with toxic material. Each company is set to follow a set of testing procedures before they are actually allowed to sell any of their liquids. Up until today there has not been a single case of di-ethylene glycol poisoning from the use of electronic cigarettes.

Despite this fact, e-liquid does contain an ingredient that is related to antifreeze called propylene glycol. This as many of you know it in the famous PG/VG ratio, is nothing to worry about in terms of being dangerous. In fact the FDA claims PG is safe for human consumption and is actually used in several food additives, colorants, toothpaste, and pharmaceutical inhalers. For those of you that own an RV, the water held in the tank actually has PV to keep it from freezing during cold temperatures. In this aspect e-cigarettes then can be said to contain anti-freeze but not the type mass media is hyping it up to have, in fact PG is not dangerous at all. The chemical is environmentally friendly, safe, and non toxic.

As we all know this does not really do anything for anti-ecig groups to keep from spreading propaganda and misinformation which causes unnecessary conflict in the general public. The truth is ecigs are dwindling down the profits of major tobacco and pharmaceutical companies, so these two industries will not stop at trying to get ecigs of the market. Next time someone says an e-cigarette has toxic chemicals be sure to give them the facts!