For quite sometime we have been wanting to try out the Poldiac Mod which resembles the Greek God of all mods. The mod itself is quite expensive which is why it took some time to actually get our hand on one of these but it was hard to resist when we saw it go on sale at Metal Madness Vapors. When the package arrived it came engulfed in a pressboard with grooves etched in to hold the tubes inside. That being said the box could withstand a tornado without any of the inside components being damaged. This goes to show that the vendor’s really care about protecting this beast of a mod.


Unlike the stainless steel that we thought it would resemble, the poldiac is very modular and easy to change in appearance. the brass finish makes this piece look high end (considering the price) and definitely gives it that shiny feel. The different parts from the head, body, shirt, and pants can be switched out to create different looks and accommodate a series of different battery sizes. however it works fine without the shirt and pants, but does seem to look a little weird naked.

On the side is a magnetic button that is very seamless to use and reliable to fire. Despite not having a spring the button has a great pushback to it and having it flush in sync with the head makes it almost impossible to accidentally press the button. The shirt can be rotated to lock the button to prevent accidental vaping. We also had the option to mount the button on the bottom if we wanted to.

The pin is easily adjustable which allows the atomizers to flush with the mod just by twisting a crew, however the head of the Poldiac is flat with no air grooves, which could be somewhat problematic if anything requires air to be pulled through the bottom.

Unlike other mods the poldiac is quite complex, and it took us quite a while to put the mod back together after taking it apart. Several parts are involved in this mod, and putting this guy together is like getting a next gen computer and trying to piece it together. Make sure to pay attention to detail to this one when taking it apart and putting it back together.

Voltage retention on this guy was a little over 93% which makes it one of the highest preforming mods to bee tested. It can be re-arranged to work hand in hand with batteries from a size 18350 to 18650 once the body and the pants are switched out. Overall it is a great mod but a little pricey considering its complexity.